About Me

Born in Toronto, Oren continues to admire music for its artistry and the emotions that music evokes when an artist finds their voice. As a chorister in Ontario's provincial youth choir and a founding member of the Nathaniel Dett Chorale, the first professional choir dedicated to rediscovering Afrocentric music, Oren found a voice but remained lost about its use. Living as a black, gay male in Toronto, Oren taught himself to silence his voice avoid detection in a white supremacist society that viewed blackness as less than. However, survival was key in his world, which saw him lose both of his parents by the age of 17. 


In 2012, Oren relocated to Ottawa and set his sights on graduate degree work at Carleton University. He found voice in the theorization of life experiences and drew on works that gave him footing for his thinking. While he did not complete his Ph.D, Oren amassed a great interest for his thinking around issues of race, gender, sexuality, and ability.


Without music, he built a community in Ottawa, where he served two years as President of the Graduate Student's Association and a two- year term on Carleton University's Board of Governors. He also served a year as Vice-Chair of Ottawa's Pride Festival. In 2008, Oren joined the Canadian public service. After holding positions at Treasury Board Secretariat and the Privy Council, Oren’s career was temporarily put on hold because of mental health issues.


Oren continues to theorize identities through life's experiences. Experience is powerful and indicates patterns that deserve hearing. While on a medical leave, Oren reflected on his experiences of isolated from family, friends, co-workers, and himself. His complimentary blog details his experience with anxiety, depression, exhaustion, and trauma. His hope is that this creative outlet will heal past wounds and offer a view into his worlds.